Alalunga Bonito Tuna with Tomato



Tuna and tomato is one of the most classic combinations in Spanish cooking, so the team at Alalunga took the opportunity to tin this delicious tradition of flavors. A tasty mixture of bonito tuna (albacore) loins mixed in with organic tomatoes.

The tomatoes are fresh and homegrown and slow cooked into a homemade sauce. Once the sauce is ready, the stove is turned off and the loins of bonito are placed within to cook in the remaining heat. The result is a delicious and tender tuna mixed with flavorful tomatoes.

We recommend plating this conserva and serving alongside a piece of toasted bread. Roasting potatoes to add to the mix is also a lovely idea.

This product is gluten free. Do not heat the tin up in the microwave.

Size: 138g

Region: Cantabria 

About Alalunga Conservas: 

Hailing straight from the Catabrian Sea in the North of Spain, these premium tins are forged from the passion of gastronomy.

Alvaro and Pablo, brothers from Santander, Spain, started Alalunga two years ago with the goal of creating a gourmet tinned seafood experience, with an emphasis on modern fishing practices and traceability. They exclusively source their fish from markets along the Cantabrian Sea, placing an added focus on the culinary traditions of their family.

These conservas are prepared in extremely small batches due to the high quality of their ingredients, seasonality of the fish and the presentation of their packaging. Each tin is numbered to account for traceability and accompanied with information about the origin of the fish within. 

Alalunga Conservas are some of the most premium and innovative tins we have tasted. From the gourmet ingredients, to the meticulous packaging, we can't wait to share these new offerings with you. 

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