Jamón Serrano, Bone-In with Ham Holder & Carving Knife + Bottle of Masia el Altet High Quality EVOO



(For a limited time, this full jamón serrano ships with ONE free bottle of Masia el Altet High Quality Olive Oil.)

One of the most popular products in all of Spain, this bone-in jamón serrano is rich in flavor at an affordable price. A true staple of the Mediterranean diet, this ham can be enjoyed all on its own slice by slice, or incorporated into some of your favorite Spanish dishes and snacks. 

This ham is produced using traditional curing methods, respecting the process used to produce this delicacy. From salting and washing, to settling and drying, this ham yields incredible flavor and quality. It’s salty and delicate with a beautiful aroma. 

Included with each ham is your very own ham holder and carving set--this will equip you to carve your jamón serrano from the comfort of your kitchen. You’ll be able to impress your guests with freshly sliced ham and spruce up any charcuterie gathering of friends and family. 

This ham can be stored comfortably (ideally in a cool/dry place on its holder) for up to three months before opening, but once you do, make sure to wrap it up tightly when finished carving. Its quality will be in tact for a month following its opening. 

This ham ships for free. 

Need some carving tips?  Check out our video with Bon Appetit.

Size: 16-18lbs 

Region: Castilla y León 

PairingsSheep's cheese | Spanish Olives | Tempranillo & Albariño Wine 

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