The Magic of Tinned Fish



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The Magic of Tinned Fish, by Chris McDade.

Tinned fish is one of the world's greatest ingredients: brilliantly versatile, harvested and preserved at the peak of its quality and flavor, more economical than fresh seafood will ever be, and as healthy and nutrient-packed as food gets.

Focusing on sustainable and easy-to-find anchovies, sardines, mackerel, shellfish, and more, here are 75 recipes that will change the way we think about and cook with tinned fish. Whether it’s creating an addictively delicious Spaghetti con le Sarde, transforming a pork roast with a mackerel-based “tonnato” sauce, elevating mac and cheese with crab, or digging into the simplest and best snack ever—anchovies, bread, and butter—cooking with tinned fish is pure magic.

Some of our favorite tins that are Despaña specialties can be found within this book. From Don Bocarte Anchovies, to Cabo de Peña Sardines and Mackerel we can't wait for you to cook this book and discover the constant joy of using tinned fish in your kitchen. 

Photos from The Magic of Tinned Fish by Chris Mcdade. Photos by Dana Gallagher.

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