Quescrem Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese



Straight from the town of Lugo in Galicia, Spain, this delicious cream cheese with goat cheese log (or "queso de crema con rulo de cabra") is made from buttermilk, cow's milk, cream and goat's milk from the region.

It's very mild, creamy and a breeze to spread on your favorite foods. It has the traditional taste of a goat cheese log, but without any artificial flavoring. It's a joy to cook with, and using it will open up a lovely variety of culinary avenues.  

It's easy to spread, melt, emulsify and very stable after baking. These unique characteristics make it a wonderful application to snacks, sauces, fillings and foams. Perfect for any chef -- be it at home, or in a restaurant! 

Size: 500g

Region: Galicia

Suggested Pairings: Bagels, toasted pintxos and tapas, fillings, sauces and foams. 

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