CABO DE PEÑAS Surimi Baby Eels in Olive Oil



Angulitos. These ‘baby eels’ are made with surimi, a fish (usually pollack) formed to create the shape of a baby eel. Although these aren’t real angulas, you get the best of both worlds; they are delicious and without the cost of real baby eels. Prepared in olive oil with red pepper flakes, they have some heat to them. We recommend draining the liquid and pouring fresh extra virgin olive oil over them to heat up before you serve. Delicious when enjoyed with a crisp glass of Rueda white wine.
    • Tasting Notes: Delicate and soft texture, with a slight spicy finish due to the red pepper flakes.
    • Size: 111g (4oz)
    • Region: Galicia
    • Suggested Pairings: Despaña Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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