AMA Brewery Lau Sparkling Pét-Nat Tea



Introducing AMA Brewery, brewed in small batches from the Basque Country in Northern Spain. This naturally low-ABV, gently sparkled beverage is made from fermented teas and tisanes. They are naturally dry and very complex, making AMA a new category of limited and specialized fermented beverages. 

This is the LAU bottle. It's made with the prized Golden Lily Milk Oolong, a tea varietal sometimes called blue tea for its categorization between traditional black and green teas. Sourced from the rolling mountains of Taitung province in southeastern Taiwan, this rare tea is renowned for its unique, creamy softness and milky aromas. Artisanal drying methods capture their essence, creating a refined, complex flavor.

AMA’s Lau is bottle-aged for at least six months at the brewery before being released into the market, with the ability to improve and evolve further in bottle for up to three years longer. The longer it ages, the smaller and more refined the bubble. Each fermentation batch produces approximately 280 bottles. Due to the finite nature of the origin-specific teas used and the unique aging process, production of each AMA cuvée is necessarily limited each year. 

  • Flavor Profile: A vibrant, delicate golden color. The palate has notes of caramel, tea with cream, and cooked chestnuts. Fine bubbles, full-body, and a smooth, creamy finish.  
  • Pairings:  Serve in white wine glasses at traditional Champagne temperatures. Pairs well with soft cheeses, pork, poultry, or dark chocolate desserts. The miniscule AMA SCOBY present in each bottle can be served or removed.

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