Aubocassa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100% Arbequina



Let's take a trip to the island of Mallorca where Aubocassa is creating one of the most premium olive oils in Spain. This 100% arbequina oil is so unique due to the land it's produced in; a land that is 80% covered in stones--making it a poor environment for soil, but optimal for the woody Mediterranean plants this oil is created with.

This beautifully intense olive oil is packed with rich citrus flavors and notes that can be smelled up to 5cm away from a poured glass. Upon reaching the nose, you'll be overtaken with green herbal and vegetable aromas, and once it hits your mouth, a wave of fresh fruit and green almonds will coat it completely. A rollercoaster of flavors, in the span of seconds. 

It's vibrant flavors and unique production make it a world-class accompaniment and finishing oil to your favorite dishes. Paired alongside fresh and roasted vegetables, cooked fish and light meats, you will be booking a mental trip to Mallorca. 

  • Size: 500mL (17oz)
  • Region: Mallorca
  • Harvest Notes: 2021-2022
  • Tasting Notes: Fresh, fluid texture, with a pleasant, amiable sensation. Green almonds and fresh fruit coat the mouth. Both delicate and intense. A light sharpness that stimulates the taste buds.  
  • Suggested Pairings: Don Bocarte Ventresca, La Catedral White Asparagus

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