Bonilla a la Vista Chocolate Bar



So you're a fan of delicious and savory Bonilla a la Vista potato chips? Well, we've got something delicious for you. If you have a sweet tooth then you've come to the right place. This exclusive milk chocolate bar from the popular Galician brand is a one of a kind chocolatey treat popular throughout the region.

Perfect to be melted down in a sauce pan to cover freshly fried churros in, or split in pieces to be shared with friends, this exclusive offering from the world famous brand is truly special. 

With directions on the back of the bar, you'll see just how to prepare this chocolate to be melted and enjoyed. The perfect gift for any chocolate loving friend or family member, this essential Spanish sweet is beautifully branded and ready to be enjoyed. 

Best enjoyed with a tin of potato chips...because who doesn't love that mixture of savory and sweet. 

Size: 500g

Region: Galicia

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