DOÑA JUANA Morcilla de Arroz



Spanish Style Black Pudding & Rice Sausage. Morcilla ʺblackʺ sausage is very popular throughout Spain and an important part of many classic Spanish dishes including stews, cocidos, and scrambled egg preparations. This morcilla is made in the style of Burgos, which uses rice. The result is a much more intense savory flavor, which will greatly enhance all of your hearty bean dishes and stews.

    • Tasting Notes: Rich sausage made with rice, pork and spices make this ideal for grilling or to mix with eggs.
    • Size: 0.5lb
    • Region: USA
    • Suggested Pairings: Judión Beans | Tomato Sauce

All pork product. Proudly made in the USA.

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