El Paeller Seafood Paella Pack

Despaña Selections: El Paeller Seafood Paella Kit


Are you ready to prepare a traditional wood-fired paella from the comfort of your own kitchen? We have something special for you: El Paeller wood-fired paella kit gift set with an exclusive El Paeller paella pan. 

This is the quintessential wood-fired, all natural seafood paella. A classic dish from Valencia, Spain. Packed with a variety of prawns, crab and cuttlefish, this wood-fired mixture of seafood brings unparalleled flavor to your rice. Truly an authentically delicious recipe.

Each pack comes with the seafood and broth mixture for 3 servings, a perfectly measured bag of specialty rice that's a variety specific to the ingredients within and a perfectly portioned paella pan.

You'll be able to turn your kitchen into a piece of Valencia with ease. This paella will be ready in just 18 minutes of cooking.

We recommend watching this beautiful cooking tutorial video by El Paeller. 

To cook your paella, simply open up the box and follow the instructions within. The allocated timing is very important to follow, along with properly mixing your rice and not stirring it again after doing so. You can use either a gas or electric stove without issue. 

Before cooking, make sure that your paella pan has been properly seasoned.

For enhanced presentation and a heightened gastronomic experience, we love adding a piece of lomo de merluza, razor clams or premium bonito tuna to the top of the finished rice. 

Tag us with your paella creations @despananyc  

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