FINCA LA TORRE Hojiblanca Organic Olive Oil



An award-winning extra virgin organic olive oil from renowned Spanish producer, Finca La Torre. Harvested from organically grown Hojiblanca olives, this oil is uniquely fresh and fruity with slight bitter and spicy notes.

Presented in a beautiful case and limited bottle, this premium olive oil is the ultimate essential for any foodie. Finish off your fish dishes, garnish a salad, roasted vegetables or a soup. And certainly don't forget to cover toasted bread with it. 

    • Size:¬†500mL (17oz)
    • Region:¬†¬†Village of a Bobadilla, Malaga (Andalucia)
    • Harvest Year:¬†2022-2023
    • Tasting Notes:¬†Persistent and balanced with flavors of green almond, apple and banana.
    • Suggested Pairings:¬†Excellent for bread dipping, or for drizzling over garden salads, soups and grilled or raw¬†vegetables.

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