Jamondor Jamón Serrano, Boneless



One of the most popular products in all of Spain, this boneless jamón serrano from Jamondor is full of flavor and extremely versatile. A true staple of the Mediterranean diet, this ham can be enjoyed all on its own slice by slice, or incorporated into some of your favorite Spanish dishes and snacks. 

This Jamondor ham is produced using traditional curing methods, and aged up to 18 months. From salting and washing, to settling and drying, this ham yields incredible flavor and quality. It’s salty and delicate with a beautiful aroma. 

Easy to slice and carve at home, this boneless jamón serrano is a wonderful addition to any Spanish foodie's pantry! 

This jamón ships for free.

Size: 10-12lbs

Region: Castilla y León 

Pairings: Sheep's cheese | Spanish Olives | Tempranillo & Albariño Wine 

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