LA CARRETA Dry Castellana Lentils



La Carreta Dry Castellana Lentils.  Castellana Lentil is a Spanish Lentil whose size is 7-9 mm and its color is light green with some discolored shades. Castellana Lentil has a very thin skin and it is famous for its mild flavor. It also has a wide format. This legume has excellent baking in any type of water. The color of this legume darkens over the time because of the oxidation when it is exposed to light. Lentils should be stored in a closed container, not exposed to light.

    • Size: 500g (17.64oz)
    • Region: Valencia
    • Suggested Pairings: Despa├▒a Traditional Chorizo | Despa├▒a Chorizo Picante Sarta

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