MASIA EL ALTET Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Just kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, Masia El Altet’s olive oils are just as beautiful as the serene landscape that surrounds the estate. They take great pride in cultivating native species of olive trees. The premium oil is a blend of 30% Changlot Real (a native olive), 30% Picual, and 40% Genovesa and Blanqueta. This olive oil is highly aromatic. 

  • Size: 500mL (17oz)
  • Region: Valencia
  • Harvest Year: 2021-2022
  • Tasting Notes: Freshly cut grass, artichoke, green banana, apple and hints of citrus, fig tree, herbs (thyme and rosemary), and walnut.
  • Suggested Pairings: Don Bocarte Ventresca

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