MONTEGRATO Fino Sherry Vinegar 16 Years



Fino Sherry Vinegar 16 Years. This is our best-selling vinegar, and it’s no wonder. In fact, 16 years of aging does wonders. Taste for yourself. Just as with a good rice wine vinegar, fino has the unique quality of starting off with a mellow brightness and gentle approach then finishing with its direct acidity. Once you experience how fruity, light, and sweet it is, you’ll be imagining all the ways that you can use this vinegar. Whether it’s to give your salad some extra flavor or to glaze meat, this vinegar will transform your cooking. In Summer 2013, Chef Seamus Mullen praised this vinegar in a New York Times interview. Why not use the vinegar that top chefs are raving about?

    • Size: 250mL (8.45oz)
    • Region: Andalucia
    • Tasting Notes: Ripe with floral, pear-like flavors.
    • Suggested Pairings: Gambas al Ajillo

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