Palacio Chorizo Mild - Dry Cured Spanish Chorizo



Palacio chorizo, dry-cured Spanish chorizo!  A delicious staple all throughout Spain. Throughout the country, you will find them in your average supermarkets, all the way to the gourmet butcher shop on the corner. Simple, but extremely flavorful and versatile, this dry-cured chorizo is fully cooked with a sweet pimenton flavoring, making it a more mild option for those who want a less spicy dry-cured chorizo. 

We love paring this dry-cured chorizo with our favorite cheeses--like manchego or zamorano--but also love it alongside vegetable preserves like piquillo peppers and artichokes!

Slice this palacio chorizo up for your next charcuterie board, bring it along to a picnic, or have a tapas/pintxo party. Whatever you do, we know you will love it. 

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