Real Conservera Española - Sea Urchin Roe



"Huevas de Erizo"  Never have we had a conserva/tin quite like this. Stunningly preserved sea urchin roe from the estuaries on the coast of Galicia. An absolute delicacy. Each is individually cleaned and packed manually by hand. 

The roe is manually extracted from the sea urchin and then washed in sea water before being packed -- this naturally preserves the flavor.

This sea urchin was awarded top 10 conservas in the world within its specific category, "Special Products," ranking number 1 on the list. 

If you're up for trying something special, this conserva should be top of the list. 


Eat it on its own, or mix it into an italian style pasta. They can even be used as an ingredient within some delicious scrambled eggs. Certainly, try to pair this tin with a glass of Albariño


About Real Conservera Española:

Real Conservera Española produces the highest quality, award winning, tinned fish from the region of Galicia. Each tin features the most seasonal shellfish and fish packed meticulously by hand, guaranteeing a flawless presentation and quality at the time of tasting. Their seafood is sourced exclusively from the Galician Rías, with complete respect for the fisherman and estuaries that aid in the sourcing of their ingredients. We are proud to represent this brand in the American market.


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