Tin to Table Cookbook - Exclusive Tinned Fish Bundle



A discounted bundle offering of three exclusive tins from Despaña and the newest cookbook by Anna Hezel: Tin to Table.

What's included:

-Tin to Table Cookbook

-Ar De Arte Sardines in EVOO

-La Curiosa Mussels in Vinegar

-Don Bocarte Bonito Tuna 

This bundle is perfect for the tinned fish lover who is ready to crack into this book with the tastiest tins Spain has to offer. Each of these tins can be used in three of our favorite hand-picked recipes:

Page 101: Sardine Toast

Page 121: Deviled Eggs + Mussels

Page 161: The Tuna Melt

We can't wait for you to dive into this beautiful book of tinned fish! 

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