Tinned Fish Collection Box



Calling all tinned fish lovers! This special curation of premium conservas from Spain was made for the partner, friend of family member that loves, or needs to be introduced, to the world of tinned fish.

Not only does this collection feature a variety of some of our favorite and most exclusive conservas, but it also has Chef Chris McDade's cookbook, "The Magic of Tinned Fish," featured within. A cookbook created to highlight the beauty of using tinned fish in everyday cooking. The lucky recipient of this box will not only have a lovely variety of tins to sample, but also be ready to cook with them in ways they might not have realized possible! 

This year, give the gift of conservas! 

 Tinned Fish Collection Includes: 

  • Mussels in Pickled Sauce - Cabo de Peñas - 111g
  • Mackerel -   Cabo de Peñas - 111g
  • Cuttlefish in Ink -   Alalunga - 138g
  • Sardines in Olive Oil & Lemon -   Real Conserva - 112g
  • Octopus Pate -   Ar de Arte - 90g 
  • Sliced Bonito Tuna -   Don Bocarte -90g
  • The Magic of Tinned Fish, Cookbook

 Please note: Gift box as shown while supplies last. If item(s) are out of stock at the time of your order, we will replace item(s) with one(s) of equal value.

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