TORO ALBALÁ Vinagre Balsamic AL PX "CHEF" Gran Reserva



This delicious balsamic vinegar with Pedro Ximémenez is a truly special option for any chef or cooking enthusiast who is looking to add a bit more of density to their creation. It's produced from a careful selection of very old Oloroso wines and a PX raisin grape reduction; this contributes greatly to hits aromatic complexity. A wonderfully sweet and velvety Gran Reserva vinegar. 

With fruity notes of oak and wood, it gives off a complex and intense singular aroma. It tastes soft, sweet and velvety. 

Pari this with foie, mature blue cheeses, meats, salads and sauces. It's also wonderful with dishes like tataki, tuna tartar and salmon. 

Size: 500ml

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