TORO ALBALÁ Vinagre Balsamic AL PX PREMIUM 25 Años



This premium balsamic vinegar is produced using exclusively vinegars that proceed from the 1980 Solera’s Oloroso wines. Toro Albala also adds Pedro Ximénez very old wines and lets the mix to age in oak wood until it achieves a perfect harmony. The Oloroso wines’ aroma and body, alongside the richness from the Pedro Ximénez’s ones, express a world of unmatchable sensations.

It has a complex aroma that's both sweet and roasted, and a persistent yet subtle flavor. 

Not only is the vinegar of extremely high and select quality, but the packaging was crafted by a French design company with collaboration from a Spanish design consultancy. 

Serve this delicious vinegar with foie, blue cheeses, special meat dishes or even dessert. 

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